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You are the first morning thought, the last evening sigh, and every goddamn thing in between. – (via pimpmyycamel)
Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me.
– A novel written by me.  (via lovequotesrus)
I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don’t ask…I won’t tell.
– (via 3nd0rphinz)
But there are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life, fully, entirely, completely — or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. – Oscar Wilde (via liberatingreality)


I need to find people just as eager as I am to be free. To do things unplanned and spontaneous because in the end it is the memories we make and the experiences we share that matter. I want to find people who are ready to ditch the baggage that is holding them down to their unhappy life and start a fresh, because that’s where I’m at right now. I’m ready to start living, and I want to share this experiences with other connected souls.


you know your self-esteem sucks when a really cute guy shows interest in you and you think it’s some sort of sick joke

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